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High Street at Fort Bonifacio

High Street at Fort Bonifacio

Fort Bonifacio of The Fort is not a Fort at all but rather the moniker given to Taguig’s and Makati’s new central business district known as Bonifacio Global City or The Global City. The urbanized district is named after Fort Andres Bonifacio (Philippine Army Camp) and just rightly so as The Fort sits in an area once possessed by the Philippine Army

The Fort is a byword in terms of upscale living, dining, medical and educational facilities. Several International Schools are in the area so is a first class tertiary hospital, several high-rise residential buildings and offices, a full-scale mall, home depot, car retailers and several fastfood chains and themed restaurants.

Bonifacio High Street actually comprise of the 40 meter wide by 1 kilometer long activity park bounded by rows of fine  restaurants and branded retail shops. The promenade is therefore accessible from five points - 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, 11th Avenue, 29th Avenue and 30th Avenue. Directly across 7th Avenue is Serendra with its mix of authentic restaurants and flagship shops. The 8 structures flanking the open-air activity have second floors designed for office areas.

Bonifacio High Street is the central point of the whole development and has been dubbed as the “heart and mind” of the The Fort Complex. Business and pleasure truly meet and converge in this fresh, novel, vibrant and live environment.

The open areas are a favorite among revelers in “High Street”. It is a usual site to see families with small children use the open area for their children to play and run around. Dogs are also allowed to walk along High Street. It could be said that the area is unofficially the place to “parade” different dog breeds to the ohs and ahs of onlookers.

An open air “mercato” or market is also accessible on weekends. The “mercato” is the place to be for savoring unique and authentic cuisine.

Bonifacio High Street is accessible from C-5, Kalayaan Avenue, EDSA and McKinley Road.